Seattle Dream ( Time Lapse)


  1. How did you execute the pans and elevation changes while remaining in a time lapse? Assuming there was some actual camera movement, not just after-effects.

  2. Love this city and surrounding area, makes me embarrassed to be from Tri Cities WA. Never heard of the place? Of course you haven't there's nothing there, Seattle has it all.

  3. Seattle and it's surrounding area is definitely by far the most stunning, interesting city around. Love it and can't wait to move back!!!

  4. thanks for your great vids.  helped us on our trip.  just returned and saw this – it accurately sums up Seattle!!!!! a Big Washington wave!  thanks ej south texas

  5. beautiful videos – hats off!!!!!! headed there in two weeks. very helpful.
    could you please tell me what is the building at 00:24?

  6. I love it. please get back to me. I was wondering if you can teach me how you did this. it's amazing AF. I am wondering if you can Skype me and teach a fellow mate. from Bellevue

  7. Very great video! I watched part 2 first which is as good. I added your videos to start our Seatlle timelapse playlist and subscribed to keep updated with your work.

  8. Hey FStopSeattle, I'm doing a non-profit project between Puebla, Puebla (Mexico) and Seattle, Washington (United States)
    May we please use parts of your footage from Dream Pt.1 & !! as a part of the project? It's beautiful and we would appreciate it. 😀
    If so, you will be fully credit for the cinematography, so with what name do you wish to be credited with?
    If no, we respect your decision. Please reply, thanks!

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