NBA Finals 1979 super sonics bullets game 5 4th quarter seattle washington


  1. Such strong memories. Lived and breathed every moment as a fan. Listened to Bob Blackburn for almost every game. Skipped school to attend the victory parade with my Dad & brother. Well remember DJ on stage at the end of the parade. Priceless.

  2. Seattle needs basketball again, it would be a huge morale boost for the city, the Hawks, and the Mariners. Bring ball back to Seattle.

  3. I was born n raised in DC area…It was the last time washington Pro Hoops would be significant
    Sad to say

  4. Seattle fans made me fall in love with the Seahawks. Great fans in my other favorite city deserve their Sonics!!!! Former JBLM soldier here.

  5. I know basketball was played for many decades without a three point line, but it's hard to imagine the game without a three point line. Watching this video, it feels like a whole different game without it.

  6. Where was Tom Henderson that whole quarter? I guess he and Kevin Grevey couldn't shoot at all

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