How SEO and Content Marketing Work Best Together


  1. I watched this clip in the hope that I would learn some tips on how to adapt our new content site for SEO (we have content/audience, etc). How should I think about SEO and content? Text, words, tags, what to focus on?? etc. After watching this clip I have the impression that you talked about everything except how to actually adapt content or the site for SEO in any useful way. I dont even know what questions to ask. This makes me feel like a click bait idiot. Please pick titles that actually describe what you are talking about. If modern day SEO is based on authenticity of the text in the content and the authentic linking, and I just need to think about letting the content and organic spreading do the work, and there is nothing I need to worry about – just come out and say that pls? Is that it? Now, I am still left hanging and clueless as if there is still some magic that I dont get. I probably feel even more confused than before. :(

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