Grateful Dead 8-21-1969 Seattle,WA


  1. Nice recording of a sweet '69 show at an interesting venue. First Easy Wind? Great energy and Pigpen!

  2. The Casey Jones is awesome. I'm only 44 and I. LOST MY SHIT when I saw them bust out a Casey Jones encore in Oakland 12/92……… Made my LIFE!!! ONE of Only three Played since 81' . My college bro got a Joneser his first show and had NO idea what the significance of this was!!!! I still would never watch my speed

  3. I used to live across the street from Greenlake . Grateful Dead, Jimi and Led Zep played that stage and there is a plaque commemorating it on the stands at the south end of the lake. The stage was actually located on the lake and was used for shows like Bob Hope etc as well. Trippy to imagine them playing there since it is such an uptightwhite neighborhood now.

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